Tracking System

Tracking System

The Tracking System With HD Video(TSwHDV) is one of the very first projects I have worked on. I had started working on it in 5th grade alongside my father. He had made a majority of the mechanical parts whereas I had worked on the programming aspects of it. This was also my first practical project using the Raspberry Pi and Linux, which became a big part of a lot of the other projects I have worked on later on.

As for the project itself, it consists of 2 Raspberry Pi's. One of them has an antenna and is stationary, this one being the Receiver (Rx) end. The other Pi, the Transmitter (Tx) is mobile and transmits information to the receiver. The Rx Pi rotates using a motor to face towards the Tx Pi based on it's location information. The transmitter also can send video via a pipe with the push of a button.

The basic flow of the program is as follows: First the Tx Pi turns on, and checks for GPS fix. Once fix is achieved, it connects to the Rx Pi with Paramiko, a module for the ssh protocol. After connecting, the Rx Pi turns on an LED on it, indicating that fix has been achieved on the transmitter. It then starts it's own GPS fix checker. Once both GPS's are fixed, we proceed to the main program. The main program waits for one of 2 buttons on the Rx to be pressed. When the video button is pressed, it runs the video function. This function opens the Rx Pi to incoming video, then, again with Paramiko, connects to the other Pi and starts transmitting video. Pressing it again turns off the video by getting the netcat PID and killing it. When you press the Tracking button, it allows the servos to rotate to face towards the Transmitter. On the other hand, the Rx on startup runs a program called "" This program listens to a seperate button, which when pressed for less than 5 seconds reboots both systems, and when pressed for more than 5 seconds shuts both sides down. Again of course, using Paramiko to ssh to the Transmitter.

The following is a flowchart of the aforementioned process. Being written nearly 6 years ago when I was in fifth grade, it is not the best however it will give the general gist of how the system works.